OMG you guys I (Airin) was obsessed with this show as a kid. For one short year ('95-'96) Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders aired in the US. Based around the Arthurian legends of Avalon and Camelot, Princess Gwen and her Jewel riders Tamara and Fallon, along with their Unicorn/Pegasus companions, traveled interdimmensionally to find all the enchanted jewels to protect their kingdom against an evil sorceress. This show started my interest in Arthurian legend and it totally didn't last long enough.

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Celebrating all the women in nerd culture! This week we celebrate Ramona Frandon, one of their first woman artists to work on a full page comic book. She redesigned his character in 1959 for the the Adventure Comics Silver Age, this was her first full assignment given to her by DC. Followed closely by the co-creation of Aqualad in 1960, and Metamorpho in 1965. She is currently 95 years old, and has continued to be an influence and artist in modern cartoons and comics like Mermaid Man from Spongebob!

Featuring one of our products that we feel deserves more attention than it gets!!!

If it matched our decor we would have kept them! These glasses are groovy! Produced by K. Onishi, these glasses came in a boxed set at retail stores in the 1970's. There are a few sets being sold online, in different conditions, but mainly we see individual glasses for sale, Mickey and Pluto being the most difficult to find. These were definitely a treasure find!

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